Update #26 (October 7, 2020)

Thank you for your continued support and encouragement over the last several weeks. In Dan’s words, “The hole in our lives is so big, but hearing stories and memories of Linda helps us press on.” Our God gives us the strength to endure what we never could, left to ourselves.


For those unable to attend Linda’s visitation or graveside service, there were bookmarks made up in memory of Linda. The Wilton/Kilgus families would like to get a bookmark to anyone who wants one.

If you (or someone you know) would like one, please send the following information to peterandkarly(at)gmail.com.

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Over the last year, many wonderful and spiritually uplifting songs have been shared with Dan & Linda’s family, and these have been a source of continual strength. With permission from those who contributed we are thankful to be able to share the songs with you now. Not all of songs were written by Christadelphians, but most were, and all of them have been sung & recorded by brothers and sisters in Christ from around the world.  


The Blessings CD was given to them at the end of March.

The cover art was designed by Karen Pillion and anyone who has visited their home can see the beautiful similarities she thoughtfully included.

Right Click on each file to download and save. 

To the Clouds


Hold My Hand

This Poor Man Cried

Psalm 91

Count Your Blessings (Non-Christadelphian)

Blessings (Non-Christadelphian)


God of the Sparrows (Non-Christadelphian)

With Wings As Eagles

Ancient Words (Non-Christadelphian)

Bless This House (Non-Christadelphian)

Hold On

The Lord is My Light (Non-Christadelphian)

Drawing Me unto You

Everywhere I Go (Non-Christadelphian)

He’ll Carry You (Non-Christadelphian)

For composer & recording information please see the detailed information sheets below.

Wings of Faith

The Wings of Faith CD was put together during Linda’s last weeks to help encourage and inspire Dan & Linda at a time when even walking and breathing was a daily struggle. Each day Linda was given a couple songs, and even right up to her last days in the hospital new songs were coming in from their family in Christ.

The cover art was designed by Karen Pillion who used aerial footage from the Christadelphian Bible Camp to re-create the photo with an eagle soaring over it.

You are that Friend (Written and sung by Dan Osborn)

He Rides on the Wings of the Wind (Written and sung by Dan Osborn)

Most Glorious Things are Spoken/Wings as Eagles (New arrangement by Dan Osborn, Sung by Dan Osborn, Joseph Osborn, Tim Styles, Levi Myers, Darryl Rose, Candace Larsen, Rachel Robinson, Martha Osborn, Lois Osborn & Amanda Myers)

Journey (Written and sung by Stephen Ball)

Seek Ye First (Instrumental Harp by Eden McInturff)

Shelter Me (Written and sung by Dan Osborn)

In a Moment (Written and sung by Stephen Ball)

Psalm 20 (Written by Alethia Burney, Sung by Sam Cooper, Michelle Cooper & Annalee Cooper)

He is our Strength (Written and sung by Dan Osborn)

We Shall be Like Him (Hymn 388, Sung by Hannah Hodge)

Hymn 133 (Sung by Dinah Pillion & Paul Osborn)

Psalm 46 – The God of Jacob (Written and recorded by Phil & Rosie Gore & Family)

He First Loved Us (Written by Caleb Osborn, Sung by Caleb Osborn, Bethany Osborn & Jenny Robinson)

How Great Thou Art (Hymn 110, Piano by Miriam Wilton, Singing by Graham Yuile)

Abide With Me (Hymn 406, Instrumental Harp by Eden McInturff)

Remember Me (Written and sung by Dan Osborn)

Our Lord Has Come (Written and played by Nathanael Massey)

Closer with Each Day (Piano & singing by Rachel Window)

Teach Me Thy Way (from Orange Worship book, Sung by Amy Fischer, Glenys Jose & Elle Wilson)

Jesus Loves Me (Instrumental Piano by Annalee Cooper)

Come Forth (Written by Caleb Osborn, Sung by Caleb Osborn, Bethany Osborn & Jenny Robinson)

I Will Wait (Written by Caleb Osborn, Sung by Dan Osborn & Martha Osborn)

Love Never Fails (Instrumental Harp by Eden McInturff)

The LORD your God is There (Written by Joanna Glumac, Sung by Joanna Glumac & Dinah Pillion)

I Will Go and Do (Written by David Archuleta Sung by Rosie Horne)

Wipe Away Our Tears (Written by Dan Osborn, Sung by Dan Osborn, Paul Osborn & Tim Styles)

Peace of God (Written by Stephen Ball, Sung by Erin Bell & Stephen Ball)

O Son of Man (Contributed by Australia Christadelphian brothers & sisters in Christ, Edited by Sarah Window)

For You Who Feared My Name (Written by Julie & Grant Anderson, Sung by Dan Osborn, Piano by Kathryn Hodge, Edited by Levi Myers, Contributed by Paul & Bethany Jackson)

Shelter Me (Written and sung by Stephen Ball)

Hymn of Hope (Written and Sung by Carolyn Gibbs in memory of her mother, contributed by Lucas & Ashlyn Cooper)

Arise (Instrumental Harp by Eden McInturff)

Lord You Rescued Me (Written and sung by Dinah Pillion, Violin by Matt Fulmer)

One Thing (Instrumental Recording by Phil Gore (viola), Rosey Gore (cello), Carolyn Gibbs (piano), Ashlyn Cooper (violin), Louise Atkins (violin) and Lauren Jolly (violin)

Wings as Eagles (Virtual Choir from Australia, edited by Cassy Witton)


Wings as Eagles Video (Tagalog Version) (Contributed by Peter Jolly, Jean Wassell & Emma Carroll)


Wings as Eagles (Jon & Becky Gore & family)


Songs from Linda’s Graveside Service

Special thanks to Dan Osborn for recording the songs for Linda’s graveside service. 

Most Glorious Things are Spoken (Hymn 379)

With Wings as Eagles (Written by Linda Wilton)

We Shall Be Like Him (Hymn 388)

Sometime We’ll Understand (Written by Rob Gardner)

Songs written or recorded in memory of Linda

Jesus Be Near Us (Words by Felicity Thomas, Music and Singing by Alethia Burney)

Heal our Broken Hearts (Written and Sung by Levi Myers)

Blessed Be Your Name (Sung by Paul & Naomi Osborn & Family)


For more beautiful and spiritual uplifting music please visit the websites of the contributors:

Jehoshaphat Music

Songs of Zion

Ashira Music

Christadelphian Music

Shouts of Grace

Post written by Tim & Hadassah Styles

Some have inquired – the featured image fall photo was taken by Linda on the Bible camp road a few years ago. 

“One thing have I desired of the LORD, that will I seek after; that I may dwell in the house of the LORD all the days of my life, to behold the beauty of the LORD, and to enquire in his temple.”
Psalm 27:4