Update #20 (June 3, 2020)

Life continues on here.  Homeschooling is going well.  Schools in Ontario will continue to remain closed through to the end of the school year – 26 June – so it will be distance learning for a few more weeks and then summer holidays.  We have enjoyed having the boys around all the time … and it certainly helps to have Dan off work right now as well!  The boys have also enjoyed doing school work at home and are starting to figure out if they concentrate and get their work done early, they have more time to do other things!

It has been nice to have a short break from chemo.  The pain in my back, neck and torso continues to get worse, which isn’t too pleasant ☹.  I am thankful for a measure of health and strength each day.  We have had some beautiful, sunny, warm weather lately, which is such good “medicine” for the soul!!  Spring is such a beautiful time of year here.  It is truly amazing to see everything come to life again and the work of God’s hand to create something from almost nothing.  A real reminder of the resurrection.

Obviously this is not a journey I would choose to be on, but this is where God has lead me and I try hard to be positive each day and thankful for the many blessings of life.  “This is the day the Lord has made;
we will rejoice and be glad in it.”  Psalm 118v24

Flowers from our gardens (Micah took most of these photos!)

Last Infusion

I had my targeted therapy infusion on May 29 and also started my 2-week course of chemo pills.  I did not have my regular 3-hour chemo infusion – the oncologist wanted to continue the break from that.  Thankfully I have felt fairly good as the targeted therapy and chemo pills have fewer side effects than the chemo infusion.


Appointment with Oncologist

We had an appointment with the oncologist this week to sort out plans for switching my chemo regime.  There are a number of reasons for switching … some of the cancer in my body is not responding to the previous chemo, I had an allergic reaction to the chemo at my infusion on April 17 and the build-up of fluid in my abdomen is becoming a worry.

I am going to start the Folfiri chemo regime around the week of June 22, God willing.  This regime is on a 2-week cycle, which is different to my 3-week cycle for the last regime.  I’m not really looking forward to a shorter cycle, but hopefully there aren’t as many side effects with this regime.  There is an increased possibility of losing my hair with this regime, which is a little scary to me.  But I guess only time will tell.  I’m still to find out if I am able to continue having my infusions in Mindemoya – it will depend if they can fit me in their schedule or not.  It would be nice not to have to travel to Sudbury for them.



I have to have another paracentesis done this week as the fluid has built up again in my abdomen.  I’m thankful they are able to do the procedure right here in Mindemoya this time – I don’t have to travel to Sudbury for it.

We received the results from the fluid that was sent away from my last paracentesis.  Unfortunately, it did come back positive and there were cancer cells in the fluid.  This wasn’t good news.  The oncologist is hopeful that the new chemo regime will help reduce this build-up of fluid.

No Camps

There will be no Manitoulin Bible Camps this year because of COVID-19.  It’s so hard (and sad!) to imagine a summer without the camps.  We are on the Manitoulin Youth Camp committee and are working together to run a virtual Kids Camp instead.  It won’t be anything in comparison to the “real” thing, but hopefully it will give the kids something to look forward to.  The way we live life has changed so much with COVID-19.



With all the changes we face in life, we are thankful for what does not change.  We have an unchangeable God, who carries us through our trials, and we have unchangeable promises in His Word that speak of better things soon to come.

“Through all the changing scenes of life,
In trouble and in joy,
The praises of my God shall still
My heart and tongue employ.”