Update #15 (February 18, 2020)

“For the LORD our God is a sun and shield:  the LORD will give grace and glory:  no good thing will He withhold from them that walk uprightly.  O LORD of hosts, blessed is the man that trusteth in thee.”  Psalm 84v11

A lot has happened since our last update.  We had some goodbyes, some hellos, some surprises, some good days and some bad days.  We’ll share a bit of what has gone on…

Goodbye to Steve and Jo

We had a wonderful 2 weeks with Jo (Linda’s older sister) and Steve!  They helped us out with anything and everything, and we loved having them around.  Special thanks to both of them for coming and for doing so much for us.  Together they were a wonderful team keeping the household running and the boys in line.  Uncle Steve did his best to keep everyone smiling and encouraged the boys to do jobs cheerfully for Dad and Mum – and not let the “elephant arms” get in the way.  Between shopping, cooking, making lunches, firewood, cleaning, shoveling snow, washing, school drop-offs and pick-ups, and watching the boys on teacher strike days, they didn’t have too much time to sit around.  Special thanks to Steve for the plaster repair in our entranceway – it looks like brand new!

The boys had lots of fun with Uncle Steve and Aunty Jo.  They played countless games of Uno; they helped finish up workbooks for Camp Trillium; they played in the snow and skated on the ice rink; they took them to curling and skiing and showed them how they’re learning to play some new winter sports.  One of the highlights for Josiah was seeing Aunty Jo skate on our backyard ice rink and play hockey.  She played hard and even took a few tumbles, but got right back up!  She scored 2 goals against Josiah and Jono, but I don’t think Josiah will admit it!  Josiah didn’t know his Aussie Aunty was so tough ?

We took Steve and Jo and the boys to Bridal Veil Falls one afternoon and it was truly a winter wonderland!  It was beautiful to see the falls and the ice build-up on everything around the falls.  Steve and Jo were pretty fascinated by it!  The boys had fun sliding down a small part of the hill in the snow, and all of us went for a slide on the ice-covered steps on our way down to the bottom of the falls.  Thankfully no injuries.

Steve and Jo started their journey back to Australia on Thursday afternoon, 6 February.  We were sad to see them go, but they kept us chatting right up until the last minute before they had to board their plane in Sudbury, and then had to rush through security to catch their flight!  That seemed to be part of Steve’s plan – to not make the goodbye any sadder or longer than it had to be.  Thank you, Steve.


Surprise Hello from the Next Aussie Visitors

We were very thankful that Linda was well enough to go for a visit to southern Ontario last weekend (7-9 February).  We had a follow-up appointment for Ezra in Toronto on Friday, Camp Trillium for the boys in the Brantford area on Saturday, and a Youth Camp committee meeting on Sunday afternoon after the Memorial meeting in Brantford.  We spent one night with my parents in Toronto and a few nights with Pete and Karly in Paris.  Linda was able to participate in some of the activities and was able to catch up with some good friends over the weekend, which was encouraging for her.

What Linda wasn’t expecting was the next Aussie visitors to be coming so soon!  During that weekend, two of Linda’s best friends from Australia arrived into the Toronto airport, were picked up and brought to Pete and Karly’s place.  What a surprise it was for Linda to see two great friends come to the door that evening!

Thank you to Hadassah for organizing all the details, to lots of people for keeping it a secret (thankfully for only about a week), and to Tammy and Sarah for coming all this way to be with us to help us for 3 weeks.


7th Round of Chemo

Linda had her 7th round of chemo on Friday, 14 February in Mindemoya.  It was really nice for her to be surrounded by supportive friends, but it was still another emotional and tiring day as Linda entered another “round” of this hard treatment, not being exactly sure what the end goal is.  We hope that we might find out a little bit more from the oncologist at our next appointment, but all we can do for now is take one day at a time, strengthened by God’s word and the support of so many around us.


Another Surprise – Lots of Sunshine on a Dreary Day!

We woke up on Saturday morning, the day after Linda’s treatment, to another incredible surprise!  On our front lawn were hundreds of suns placed there during the night.  Over the past several weeks, Hadassah had been collecting suns from friends, family, Brothers and Sisters, neighbours and students at the school.  Last minute collecting, printing and laminating were done by Hadassah, Tammy, Sarah, Karly AND Tim last week.  Then they went out after we were asleep on Friday night and placed the suns on our front lawn, some attached on strings and many on little wooden stakes.  Strong, bitter cold winds hindered progress so at 2am on Saturday, they called it quits and started again at 7am on Saturday morning.  When we woke up on Saturday morning, there were 600+ suns on our front lawn!!  What a thoughtful thing to do and how touching it was for Linda and for all of us to be reminded of the thoughts and prayers of so many friends around the world.  There were messages, wishes, Bible verses and memories for Linda and for our whole family.  Neighbours who saw “the team” at work were brought to tears, and so many neighbours walking by wanted to know more – and were amazed at the incredible display of friendship and the outpouring of so much love.  Thank you to all of you reading this post who wrote a message!


More Tests

We hope we will get the results of a few more tests that have happened in the last few weeks.  Please pray for us, as we are not sure what to expect.  We are worried and scared, but thankful for those who are here to support us right now and for all of you who are continuing to pray for us.  We do not know what tomorrow holds, but we know who holds tomorrow.

Mark 13:32  “But of that day and that hour knoweth no man, no, not the angels which are in heaven, neither the Son, but the Father.”

We pray that day will be TODAY, when Jesus will come to heal this world.