Update #10 (October 30, 2019)

We have been SO incredibly thankful that I’ve felt really well the past 2 weeks!  I still have some mouth sores and a sore tongue, but the oncology dentist is keeping an eye on them and at this stage they are bearable!  I’m eating normally at the moment too, which I’m thankful for.  I don’t want to lose any more weight!



I have been trying to stick to a pretty strict diet.  We had a phone consultation with an Integrative Cancer Centre in the States.  They combine both conventional therapies (chemo and radiation) with other science-based strategies including diet and exercise.  If only there were more of these integrated centres in Canada that we could have actually gone to for all my treatments!  There is a lot of research out there that seems to show that diet can reduce the growth of cancer cells, so we figured it was worth trying.

The diet is basically a plant-based diet.  The technical name is a Pesco-Ovo vegetarian diet, with some fish and eggs allowed.  It also cuts out dairy and sugar (no regular chocolate anymore, which is very sad for me ☹).

I have discovered a whole other way of cooking and baking.  I didn’t even know some of these ingredients even existed, for example monk fruit (sugar alternative) and all the other flours you can use instead of regular wheat flour!  Since I have been feeling better the past few weeks, it has been nice to experiment with making new recipes.  But it sure has been an adjustment.  Thanks to some kind friends who are helping find new recipes and have even cooked things for us that fit with the diet!  We really appreciate it.


Next Chemo

I have my second round of chemo this Friday (November 1) God willing.  I found out last week that I am able to now do my chemo at the hospital here in Mindemoya.  For those who aren’t familiar with where we live, it means I will now have a 2 minute drive instead of a 2 hour drive to Sudbury!  Such a blessing.  There is only one chemo chair at our small hospital, so we are very thankful they are able to fit me in here … especially as the weather starts to change here and the “white stuff” will soon start appearing! ☹


We try to stay positive in the difficult times and appreciate the blessings of each day God gives us.  Yesterday is history…tomorrow is a mystery…today is a gift from God.  That’s why it is called the “present”.

We took the kids to see the last ferry sail away from the Island … until next Spring (God willing)


The LORD hear thee in the day of trouble;
the name of the God of Jacob defend thee;
Send thee help from the sanctuary,
and strengthen thee out of Zion.
Psalm 20v1-2