Update #8 (October 7, 2019)


I had the PICC line put in earlier today.  It was a very straightforward procedure and probably took less than 20 minutes!  It was quite fascinating really.  They did an ultrasound on the top inside of my right arm first to find a vein to put the line into.  The nurse was happy to see a big one that was easy to access!  My arm was then sterilised, I was given a needle with some freezing and the nurse pushed a wire into the vein to the place where the PICC line would end (right near the heart … 37cm to be precise!).  An x-ray machine was used to guide the placement of the wire.  The PICC line was then threaded over the wire and the wire was removed and an injection cap attached to the line.  This is my recollection of the procedure … hopefully it’s correct!  We’re very thankful for God’s care today, even in things viewed as “straightforward” procedures.  It gave us a bit of encouragement and helped us to be a bit more positive today.

The PICC line is used like an IV.  It saves having to have an IV put in every time you have chemo treatment.  Also, if I need to get fluids intravenously again, they can use the PICC line.  The dressing on my arm will need to be changed by a nurse each week.


Extra Support

There have been many changes happening in our lives over the past weeks and months … some of them obviously not welcomed changes.  But one change we are looking forward to is having some of our dear friends move in right across the street from us!  Tim and Hadassah Styles and their 3 children are moving from BC to Manitoulin temporarily.  Ever since they found out about my condition, they really wanted to move closer so they could help out.  They felt they were in a position to move quite easily since Tim works from home and Hadassah homeschools the kids.  They wanted to come a month ago but we asked them to really think and pray about it … it’s a huge thing to move your family across the country!

Then the house across the street from us came up for long-term rent, so there was no holding them back!  Hadassah left BC last Monday with the 3 kids and spent the week driving across the country.  Tim then met up with them part way along the way on Friday and they did the rest of the trip to Detroit together as a family … arriving in Detroit on Sunday.  They will spend part of this week in Detroit with family and head to the Island on the weekend, God willing.

We are SO thankful for their love and support and truly feel overwhelmed that they have made such a big move to help us.

A few photos along the way …


Chemo Starts Tomorrow

The plan is for chemo to start tomorrow, God willing.  As I’ve mentioned before, I feel very nervous about this new journey but I’m trying to stay positive and take each step with faith and courage.   We hope and pray the side effects aren’t too severe.

Again, we thank everyone for their continued prayers and support.

In God is my salvation and my glory:
the rock of my strength, and my refuge, is in God.
Psalm 62v7