Update #7 (October 1, 2019)

Visit to ER

I had to make a visit to ER last Wednesday evening with a fever.  It wasn’t super high but they tell all cancer patients that if you have a fever above 38oC then you need to go to ER.  I guess they are worried about infection especially with immunosuppressed patients.  I didn’t have any other symptoms above what I was already having with my mouth sores and sore throat.

The doctor ended up putting me on 6 days of IV antibiotics as they were worried about an infection in my mouth somewhere.  (I just finished the last one yesterday – I had to go to the hospital each day for the infusion.)  I then developed thrush, possibly as a side effect from the antibiotics, on top of the mouth sores and sore throat.  It made me think about how so many things in this life come at a cost.  I am supposed to be getting better, but the treatment is actually making me feel worse in the process of getting better!

Start of Chemo

The plan is to put my PICC line in October 7 and start chemo October 8, God willing.  There was a chance they were going to push it back a week, depending on how I improved the past few days.  For now, they are still planning for October 7/8.

Now I need to try and start eating more and build up my body for the next “thing”.  It has still been difficult swallowing anything more than liquid, but it is starting to get a little better each day.

Appreciation for the Website

It seems like many people are thankful for these updates and have sent messages along to convey this.  Thanks for letting us know and assuring us it’s a worthwhile effort.

When the idea was first raised about setting up a website where we could update people directly, I was resistant to the idea.  It felt way too vulnerable … I didn’t know if I wanted to share personal things “out loud” like that.  But I had to put these selfish feelings aside and realise that it wasn’t about me … it was for the benefit of many around the world, who are genuinely interested in finding out how we are all doing.  And this was going to be a simple way to provide first-hand, accurate updates to those who wanted them.  Plus, with the experience I already had with Magnify Him Together it made sense to set up a similar style website.

Dan and I have never been social media type people, nor have we broadcasted our lives to the world like this.  We’ve tried to live a simple life, doing our best to serve God and help others, on little Manitoulin Island!  And now we have a website for anyone to read about what’s going on!  How did that happen?!

But I also remind myself that when I’ve heard about a sickness or accident of someone in our Christadelphian community, it’s nice to have first hand information on what is going on.  It means you can make your prayers more specific too.

Continued Prayers

Please … we will need your continued prayers as we head into the next step of this journey … chemotherapy.  There are a lot of thoughts and emotions going through my head right now and I pray fervently that God will be our strength and guide through all this.  I remind myself of these words of Moses in Deuteronomy:

“Be strong and of good courage, do not fear nor be afraid of them;
for the Lord your God, He is the One who goes with you.
He will not leave you nor forsake you.”

Deuteronomy 31v6